About Cup

Cupcake Brown was not born into a life of privilege, intellectual stimulation, or professional dynamics.  Her younger years were not a model for achieving success; her youth was interrupted by violence and emotional turbulence. 

🧁 At age 11, she regularly engaged in prostitution, drugs, and alcohol. 

🧁 By 13, she had graduated to gang activities and street crime.  Unfortunately, life would get much worse before it got better as Cupcake spiraled into a life that hovered somewhere above state prison, at best, and death on the mean streets, at worst.

Cupcake’s story is about system failure, societal ignorance, and a little girl who, as a result, resigned to degradation, depression, deprivation, and defeat.  Her story is also about choices — good ones and bad ones — and about the possibilities that are there if only we

“Pray, trust, work hard, and grab hold!” 

Most people would have been daunted by the hurdles she faced.  Yet, despite enormous fear and grave self-doubt, Cupcake grabbed a hold, prayed, fought and held on for dear life as she learned that there was another way — a better way.  She sensed a Guiding Hand and discovered that, over time, a network of people was being formed to encourage and guide her along the way.   Leaning on this network, Cupcake climbed the long, difficult, and steep ladder to transformation, sobriety, positive change, self-improvement, and triumph.

As an author, attorney, and advocate, Cupcake speaks all over the country, using all of the years of negative experiences, coupled with the positives, to share with others how — even though it seems impossible — the hopes and dreams of anyone really can come true.

🧁 After law school, Cupcake was an attorney for one of the 25th largest law firms in the nation

🧁 Besides graduating college magna cum laude without a high school diploma or G.E.D., Cupcake has received many scholastic awards including, the University of San Francisco School of Law’s Judge Harold J. Haley Award for Exceptional Distinction in Scholarship, Character and Activities; the McAuliffe Honor Society; the National Law School Dean’s List; and San Diego State University’s Donald Leiffer Outstanding Alumni Award for Distinguished Service.

🧁 In addition to her numerous accomplishments, Cupcake has served as a judicial extern to the Honorable Joyce Kennard, California Supreme Court, and to the Honorable Martin J. Jenkins, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.