New news! New news!

We finally have our script writer! Her name is Guinevere Turner. (You probably don’t recognize the name, but she wrote the script for the movie “American Psycho.”) Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why in the heck would a horror flick writer be writing the script for “A Piece of Cake?!”‘ Well, I’ll tell you why: because she gets it! We’ve met with, and interviewed, tons of writers. The delay has been finding a writer that truly gets the story – and not fill it with “Hollywood-nization (of which every movie has to have some). She is the only one that really gets it. I had to wait until we were in contract to tell you. But, now things will move a little faster (though Hollywood is still slow as hell). We should have a script within the next 4-5 months. Then, we move to studio.
Anyway, will have book sequel news soon too…….. I promised I’d keep you updated on all fronts. And I am! Smooches & deuces!