Look at God!….

Dear Cupcake Brown,

Congratulations! You have been selected to receive the Living Legend Award at the inaugural Black Girlz Rock San Diego (BGRSD) Weekend Experience! The BGRSD Weekend Experience will take place in San Diego on August 20-21, 2016 at the San Diego Port Pavilion.

We, at Black Girlz Rock San Diego feel that you best embody the characteristics of the Living Legend Award definition.

Living Legend:

The Living Legend has made quantitative, reliable and critical contributions that without her involvement, the outcomes would not have been as effective. This woman has spent a great majority of her life working towards the greater good. She has accomplished many successes that span many generations. Her life’s work speaks volumes for itself and is widely respected. Her contributions have served a greater and higher purpose and are a blueprint for everyone to follow. She positively influences others in working towards common objectives. She is a role model and shares valuable resources freely. She invests time in coaching and/or mentoring and serves as a role model to others. She demonstrates a collaborative spirit through positive interactions and is able to influence with humility. She has provided outstanding contributions in the community, workplace, and home front.