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Vernea Cottman
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed A Piece of Cake. I laughed and I cried (a lot). It REALLY hit home for me since both my sisters are addicted to crack. The book really opened my eyes to that life and I realized that my sisters were OBVIOUSLY not telling me the truth. I even purchased a copy of your book for my older sister, however, she stopped reading it before she got to the "behind the dumpster" portion (I guess it hit too close to home for her). I'm so, so, so proud of you, Cupcake. I will continue to keep you (and my sisters) in my prayers.
I am delighted to sign this guest book! Cup you are an amazing woman!! I read your book a few years ago and it is truly amazing. From all of your struggles until now. You are such an inspiration and blessing to many! Keep up the amazing work you do! Also I cant wait until the movie!!!! 😉
Elizabeth Cesena
Hello. I first heard about you and your experience and book from Judge Frank Brown. I was his court reporter for a few years. I read your book. It was a beautiful experience. Before working with Judge Brown I had worked in the Federal Courts in San Diego, and have since, left the Superior Court System and I have been back in the Federal Courts since 2008. I also know Judge Burns. So I could completely picture your book in my mind as I was reading it. I am Hispanic and at the present time, own a home in Logan Heights and live there. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I know first hand how a relationship with God can change a person's life, because He definitely changed mine, which at one time was on a downward spiral. I want you to know that I admire you tremendously and loved your book and your honesty.
Samantha mcgirr
Had to drop you line to say how much I enjoyed your book and how inspirational you are. Thank you for sharing your story, and know you are amazing!
Lynedra Baker
Just finished reading your book and I thank you! Thank you for sharing your amazing story, you've truly inspired me. The way that V says God used her to get to you, he's using you to get to others. Stay blessed. I love you, Cup!!
Dear Cup!!! You have awaken every emotion in me with your life story. I got through your book so fast because I could not wait to see you rise. You are a shining star! Thank you for touching so many lives either through your book or your acts of help, support, kindness, etc. on a daily basis. I can not wait to read your second book. Much love to you and those you cross paths with.
Lillian Pereyda
I finally finished reading your book and I want you to know I cried, I cried so much especially the part when you finally cried and mourned your mother when V was helping you. By reading your book its a perfect example that anyone can have hope and change there life in a way that is increidible. I had to put the book down so many times, I just couldn't believe how many times you were under the influence of drugs and alcholol. I wonder how your health is today. I hope your healthy. I cant' phatom how much damage you have done to your body. I am very proud you were able to be strong enough to become a wonderful lawyer. May your days continue to be blessed and find a man that can make you happy. Thank you for your story and for telling the world. I would highly recommend it to my friends to read. Thank you again. 🙂
Emma (uk)
Cup Have just finished reading your amazing book!I found it a fantastic read. You are truely blessed, I am so glad you have shared your story with the world!
Corinth Mingo
Cup, you are a true Angel, you were sent for a reason, God Bless. I enjoyed reading your Memoir - Hope to see you when you visit London in March.
Mandi (UK Reader)
I couldn't put your book down, truely masterful written in complete honesty but your humour and faith shone throughout every page, you are an inspiration to all of us, awaitng your UK visit.Keep smiling Mandi xxx
Just finished reading your book and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Your such an inspiration. I'm so glad that your life worked out for you in the end. My tears of sadness for you turned to tears of joy. Seeing the pictures on your website was fantastic i feel as though i know each and every one of your friends and family who featured in your book.well done cup xx
jamaican sista
hi cup, i've been reading your story and like said by others it is truly uplifting. many people have aspects of the past or present that we struggle with, its good to read of someone who has been through the fire and still come out whole. some of us because of embarrassment never speak of the traumatic experiences we've had but its so therapeutic to look back at what we've been through and know we can succeed and know if your struggling,there's always tomorrow. KEEP BELIEVING!thanks for sharing your story. God bless...
Hey there Ms. BrownI was looking thru one of the black magazines like Ebony or Essence. There was a little pamphlet from BlackExpressions. I saw a book I would like to read A piece of Cake. I am trying to find out if the bookstores in my area carries it. I know that I am going to enjoy reading this book.HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours.Denise in Los Angeles:D
Hello Ms. Brown, I've just finished your book and I have to say you're such an inspiration to me. I hope I'll be lucky enough to attend when you tour the UK (make sure you come to Nottingham!) I will be checking the website for the dates. You truly are a beautiful woman. I hope I can be half as good as you. God Bless x:santa:
Kate (UK)
Incredible. Love looking at the photos too! You should upload more 🙂
Hey cupcake, i read ur book and i loved it. For my english class we had to pick memoirs and i pick urs so im making a collage and writing a summary about how it symbolizes ur story...just wanted to say ur a very inspiratrional person and im glad i read ur book
Ms. Cupcake Brown, your story touched me as I know it has touched so many people. I hope that one day I can meet you. I work very near to where you work also at a law firm as a legal secretary. I really just wanted to say that your story and you of course, are very inspirational and that I'm glad we have God in our lives. I often turn to Him when I have to face my issues. Sometimes we think we're the only ones goin through stuff and sometimes the same kind of stuff you went through and reading your book I realize we're not alone and that we can love ourselves despite our past and what we've been through. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you and Merry Christmas.
heya cubz as u kno im th 13 yr old lol, just 2 saii i loved ur book, just reading it word by word was reelii u kno...touching and im the sort neva to be lyk crying and stuff thanks for making that book xx:):p:cool::D :santa:
Manda Jansen
Hi Cupcake, just from reading your website I can see that this book has touched so many people in different ways. The way you wrote APOC allows the reader not just to read about the events of your life from the sideline but to go through them with you, every thought, feeling and insecurity (that I'm sure many people can relate to). One of my favourite parts was the last conversation you had with the sperm donor - I read it about 10 times over I was so angry at that excuse for a human being and so happy you finally got the chance to say what you felt. Not nearly satisfying enough but you definately gave him a good piece of your mind! You are such a beautiful person, I don't know how you ever thought differently, thank you so much for having the courage to share your story with us. Oh and congratulations on your engagement you obviously deserve it :DHugs and smiles from many miles, Manda (New Zealand)
i've just read your book and i admire your courage and braveness. you have really inspired me. god bless you and merry xmas:santa: