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Thank U for sharing your story.. I can relate to alot of what u went through. Your story made me give AA a second chance.. Thank U, Cupcake Brown!!~Calina
I hope all continues to be well with you and your family..When r u coming to New York, New York to do a speaking engagement? 🙂
Yara Headley
I just finished reading your biography and there were tears in my eyes when I was done. I sometimes can't believe that all that happened in real life: YOUR life! My mouth kept falling open at how much God had moved in your life and had continued to bless you: especially all the way through all your years of destructive using. I wonder if there are now things that you cannot eat nor drink b/c of your drug/alcohol use. Your book literally spoke to my soul, Ms. Brown! And then I got onto your website and looked at the pics in your gallery, I had almost forgotten that these are real people from your book: it was nice to put faces with the names. Your mother/grandmother were SO beautiful...and your friend Khoi is gorgeous! But now I clearly see that God can redeem anyone from anything! Thank you for teaching me this! Keep God in your life always!
Hey Cup! if i spell wrong is that because i'm from sweden. But i love your book a piece of cake. it's great. i've just finnished it. i hope you'll wright more books. I think that you gone trough so much and i admire you. /cissi
Your book is amazing, I laughed at times and cried often. As a recently retired high school counselor, I wish I had had this book as a tool. I will be sure to share it now with a couple of recovering addicts who are still teenagers.You are so beautiful, I can't believe you weren't always beautiful and just didn't know it. You look so much like your mother.I have been struggling with faith and throughout the book I caught glimpses of God. I hope the inspiration lasts.Thank you.