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Ginger Panther
I just finished reading a piece of cake and wanted to say, I totally empathise with what you survived and take my hat off to you.I am a parole officer in a UK jail and was lent your book by an inmate, who has used some of your experiences to turn his life around.Go girl.Ginge x
I have cried three 3 while reading your book.Not because of what you went through but because of God's faithfulness in all that you endured.When the Holy Spirit guided you back to your boss after the dumpster...I just stopped reading and started praising and worshipping Him with tears in my eyes.Stay by His side...ALWAYS, and thank you for sharing, in such a cooool way Ooopy are you stil in San Diego.Hope you escaped that fire.
Catherine McGowan
Hi Cup. I am so inspired by your book. I enjoyed it so much. Just when I thought things weren't going to get worse in the book, they did but as usual, God stepped in. My 23 year old son passed away Nov. 28, 2006 and I (as well as my 11 year old son) am still dealing with his death. I have now decided to start my own business because of his death. Sometimes when we can't seem to see or understand why things happen, we have to stand back and let God give us those answers. Thanks again for your inspiration.
I have enjoyed reading your inspirational life story, you are truly a blessing!!!!!
Caroline Waine
hi Cupcake, ive nearly finished reading your book and i cant put it down its so good-i wish you well for your futureCarolineLiverpool Englandxxxxx
Mary Kate Kelly
Really enjoyed reading about your life.
Donna Price
Hey Cupcake, just wanted to say that I enjoyed your book. Although I have never been hooked on drugs, your book helped me to see that whith GOD, all things are possible ! Believe that. GOD saw that you were capble of surviving all that you went through. HE wouldn't have put you through that for no other reason. Stay Strong my sister ! GOD is with you always. But of course you know This ! There was a time in my life that I thought GOD was not with me. I too felt that I was not someone GOD cared for. But GOD showed up and showed out. Take care and be blessed.
Marie Powell
Hi Miss Cupcake, My family and I saw you on the Big Idea Show last night.Your advice was great! I'm going to stop sitting on the tracks and get busy today! When are your childrens books and toys coming out?
portia renee
i just started reading the book of the weekend and am allready half way done i cant seem to put the book down
Kerry Burgess
I have just finished your book, A Piece of Cake. You are an inspiration. I have never read a book where I have both laughed and cried so much. I couldn't put it down. All the best for the future.Kerry.XXX.
Hi Cup,..I received your e-mail and I will keep my head up.. I saw on the The big Idea last night and you were A.A.A. AWESOME AS ALWAYS. I talked to my sister about my big idea but don't think she is feeling me on it. So off I go on my own. When I hit it big I will still give her what ever she wants. Stay the Diva of Inspiration that you are.Your True Fan
Rachael Rose
I read your book in 2 days and it was the best book I have ever read. This book could help so many people who are going through the same struggles and believe that it is to hard to change their life around. You are an inspiration to me and to many woman that lived the life you lived. Thank you for giving us hope.
Mercedes Smith
Oh,my gosh! I swear your bookwas the best bookthat i have ever read. I stilljust cant believe that you went through so many things without God.Well, he was there but you never believed he was.Iwould just like to say that you inspired me to domy best and that I can go from nothing to something. If there is anyway, please write me back because i would really enjoy talking to you. Please, im begging you.
Kim Porter
Hello Ms. Cupcake,I saw you on 'The Big Idea Show 'last night. I read your book and it was amazing! It was a real page turner. I couldn't put it down! You would have thought I was on crack:0) I've been through alot too. You make me believe anything is possible . If you can do it with all you've been through in your life so can I. I thank you for sharing your story with the world. Do you have any upcoming projects? I hope you write another book. My daughter is to young to read yours just yet, but I'll buy her one when she's old enough unstand we all have choices. I hope to see you soon on ' Oprah'. Heck I hope to see your story on the big screen!
what an amaising lady first book i have ever read at 41 thankyou for the inspiration cup xxx
You are truly amazing Cup, an inspiration to everyone, it just goes to show anything is possible when you take it 1 day at a time. Much Love to you Cupcake Brown. Well Done x
Cup i havent even finished reading your book yet, but i think you are an amazing person.. Parts of your book brought tears to my eyes! May God continue to bless you.
Cup, Ive just finished reading your book. What an inspiration you are to us all. God bless you.
Saw U on Big Idea. Am ordering the book tomorrow. You go gurl!
I just saw you on The Big Deal. I had heard of your story years ago...I grew up in San Diego as well. It was good to see you are doing so well. I am on the search to rebuild my life. What do you do when you don't have a true passion? Or you don't know what it is? That is the question I am seeking answers to. Good luck and it great to see you are still turning lemons into lemonade.