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Wow, what a story of hope and determination. I am totally inspired by you and your story and will continue to hold it in my heart when I encounter one of lifes rough patches. I wish for you continued success, love and contentment in your life. You are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing youself with the world !
Merry Christmas! Have just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you for sharing your story and for inspiring me to think of things in such a positive way. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world.Much love x
James A Wyatt
We trust that you will continue to always be an inspriation to all who find themselves to be 'in the brier patch' of live. Bless you and your loved ones, in Jesus Name. So Be It.
i am just reading all the comments that have been posted and you have touched so many peoples hearts WORLDWIDE!!!!, you truely are an inspiration, i am 22 and although i have already had my share of what life has to throw at me i know there will be much more to come, you have taught me that whatever life throws at me god has given me the tools to succeed and overcome, it will be my choice weather to use those tools that he has provided me with! iv just sent you an email and am counting the days till i get a reply. Thankyou for opening up about your life and inviting me into your world. please let us brits know when your coming over asap! i wouldnt miss it for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and kisses to you cupcake xxx
Just finish your book a peice of cake can even think of words to tell you how it has made me feel. I am going to pass it on to everyone i no so they can be inspired by you just like me. I hope you are granted all the happiness that life has to offer because you deserve it. have a very merry christmas and an even happier new year.
Paddy Tharp
Dearest Cup, Thanks for sharing your story. Absolutley amazing. I feel that I can do anything now & the first thing will be to go back to school.I am a yank living in the land of OZ......Trying to decide where I should live......I think I need to go back to my roots, where my family is after reading your book!Actually I found your book by accident ( God doing his thing again) We have a book exchange at the gym I go to ......I have recomended it to all I know.Good on ya as we say herePaddy Tharp Sydney Australia
Loinice Linden
Just finished..amazing, totally inspiring, what makes it even more so is that your stil alive and keep improving yourself in new ways daily. Thank you for motivating me, nothing is impossible..I've been in the states for about 11months, going back to South Africa in February and this is definetaly, one of the best lessons I'll take along my journey...For now I'm going to keep on creating myself anew..Impsossibe is nothing!
Lenore Lofton
You have written an awesome inspirting book that has really touched my life to do more than just teach. Congratulations on your accomplishments.
Halo Cupcake just finished your book about 10 sec ago. I have to say that at first i didn't want to read your book, but my friend push it to me and thank God she did. You been through so much and achieved so much more and hope you keep going on. Peace
Cupcake, thank you for the writing your story. I was so inspired and hung on the edge of my seat as I read each word. I cried with you and I cried at how one can forever be amazed by how great is our God. I was worried that you weren't going to find the beacon on light that sustained you all of those years and I wept and prayed when you prayed and asked God for His help and I wept and prayed when you received the dishes and the television. In Christ all things are possible.
Cupcake,I had the privilege of reading your book last year and was truly inspired. I thank God for you and the message that you delivered. Like yourself I am also in the legal field and thanks to your compelling story I will be pursuing a law degree in the future. May God continue to shine on you and keep smiling! God Bless!
I read your memoir while in treatment and was so inspired. With 5 months clean, I think of what you've accomplished often. You broke it down, spoke my thoughts and feelings and gave me hope. Thanks so much for sharing.
Hi Cup,I am still reading 'A Piece of Cake' at the mo, but am finding it such a special read. I am so pleased that i bought your book, and will definately keep my eyes peeled for your UK dates!Have a very Merry Christmas, and Keep Shining!!
Cup, I read the book last year, and I commented on how inspiring your storyu was: sure u get that ofetn. I noticed the pics on the site of u and John. Your simle makes me smile.SHEN!
Your book chronicles everything that has happened to me in my life as well. I am on chapter 47, and I can't put it down. Not even at work. I too have been on my own since age 11. It's nice to finally know that it wasn't just me and I am not alone. Thank you for that.
Hi CupI think your book hit every emotion! You're truelly an inspirational lady and will have touched so many people by telling your story.Go girl!
Christa Burgess
Cup,I saw you on The Big Idea... You are amazing! THanks for making the world a better place, Sincerely,Christa
Ginger Panther
I just finished reading a piece of cake and wanted to say, I totally empathise with what you survived and take my hat off to you.I am a parole officer in a UK jail and was lent your book by an inmate, who has used some of your experiences to turn his life around.Go girl.Ginge x
I have cried three 3 while reading your book.Not because of what you went through but because of God's faithfulness in all that you endured.When the Holy Spirit guided you back to your boss after the dumpster...I just stopped reading and started praising and worshipping Him with tears in my eyes.Stay by His side...ALWAYS, and thank you for sharing, in such a cooool way Ooopy are you stil in San Diego.Hope you escaped that fire.
Catherine McGowan
Hi Cup. I am so inspired by your book. I enjoyed it so much. Just when I thought things weren't going to get worse in the book, they did but as usual, God stepped in. My 23 year old son passed away Nov. 28, 2006 and I (as well as my 11 year old son) am still dealing with his death. I have now decided to start my own business because of his death. Sometimes when we can't seem to see or understand why things happen, we have to stand back and let God give us those answers. Thanks again for your inspiration.