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Dear Cupcake,First of all, I want to say that I love your name. I'm proud of you for using it. Secondly I want to say that the moment I picked up your book in Barnes and Noble, I was hooked! I had to read it. I loved every page. Thirdly, I want to say that I love Post Its as much as you! I use them daily to keep organized in my calendar and in my teacher lesson plan book. Go Post Its! Lastly, and most importantly I want to tell you that my husband just went through rehab for an addiction to painkillers. It was hell and now unfortunately he is taking them again with the 'intention' of getting off them once again. I gave your book to him to read. I know if he reads it, it will be a positive influence. It helped me to understand addiction in a whole new way.Be proud of yourself. You deserve it. Lots of love to you. XO
Tameka Kelsey
Ms. Cupcake Brown, you are truly an inspiration. This is my second time reading your book have become more inspired. Currently I am attending school and it seems as if I can't see the end for all of the work ahead. But, readin your journal again made me realize that no matter what I must and will finish school. I also am married and have 4 children and they really keep me going. Thank God for you letting go of 'Marcia Brady' and letting the real Cupcake shine through.
Hello Ms. Cupcake! I'm enjoying your memoir! I can see you have had a hard and unpleasant life. I give kodos to you! You have inspired me to do better things with my life.
hey, i loved your book i found your journey of life in hell extraudinary and found you story greatly comforting and inspirational,well done! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kelly couttie
hey cup! love your book, i have a rough time of it growing up amd couldnt get over it reading your book inspored me to get up and fix things and reach my goals in life! so i thank you and the good lord for helping me do sooo nufff love
Hi Cup, I have read your book A Piece of Cake.Girl you have been there and back. I am so proud of you and I don't even know you but keep up the good work. I do think that you are an inspiration to all women of all ages. God is here and he has shown you the light and happiness. Man I have so much to say but can't. Any how GOD bless you and happy holidays to you.
susan (Haringay)
Hi Cups,I truly love you and the inspiration that you've not given me to chase my dreams but the encouragement to others who cannot yet see the light at the end o thetunnel.See you soon. Susan xx
HI Miss Cupcake!! Iam Reading your Book Now And i have To say, God Has really blessed you Now look at you. What ever happened to your cousin int he book the one you moved with for a while???
Ms Cupcake.well what can i say,its was a pleasure to read your book.i loved it.congratulations to you.i felt a tingle in my body right at the end when you was at your graduation receiving your award.thats amazing!!! so can you tell me,are you re-married any children???take care and all the very best in life.lots of love.
Ashley Mays
Hi cupcake, Im only 12 years old and im reading your book. I tell all my friends about it and they say can i read that book or they would say sounds interesting because they dont like to read but anyway im in the middle of your book. Im learning things and i plan to have a great future. Ashley*
Hi Cup, I am a 37-year-old woman who has always had the desire to be a foster parent. After reading your book and seeing the abuse you endured in foster care, I am even more motivated to become a foster parent. In fact, I am going to get foster children who are eligible to adopt. I am married and have one biological son. Thanks for such an intense and inspiring story!
Nicola Daniel
Hi Cupcake,I just want to say that I've just finished reading your memoir and thought it was great. So many times, commuting to work, I shed tears whilst reading and could not for the life of me put the book down. I was hooked from the first chapter onwards. You are an inspiration to us all and have helped me in changing the way I think, definately in a much more positve light. You have achieved so much, coming through to the other end. I love you and cant wait till you pen another book.About me: I am a 28 year old female, born and bred in London, working at City University........Lots of love and hugs.Nicola
hey Cup i'm 14 and just finished reading your book. i was really good, and i think your so brave for going through all that nd coming owt good at tha end (= i've done some drugs before, but i mite fink twice befor i do them agen. anyways good luck with the book tour love grace x
Hi Cup! I was looking for a book in the bookstore one day - and I saw 'A Piece of Cake', I thought, Wow! Now that sounds different. I had no idea of what a good story I was in for! I'll be honest - I've never touched drugs. Although I have been on a little rollercoaster of my own in my teenage years but have since settled down. And prior to reading your book I have never known of such a life that you have lived! You've probably heard it all before - I'm glad I've read your book, but I wish I was able to read it through my darker days. You have made me appreciate what I've got now and shown me how my life could have been so much more worse than what it was.Thank you for sharing such a great story and all the best.
Nee Nee
Hello cup i am 14 and i read ur book and i believe that u r a great woman and i would love to have ur strenght and courage u r inspiration to young people that has started drug at a young age and just has givin up after the smallest set back u r amazing through my eyes i knoe u probaly heared this a million times but heres a million and 1
G. Love
Your book so inspiring that I had my 14 year old daughter read it along with the rest of my family. Thank you for helping me prove to my daughter that you can do anything you put your mind too.
Briana Tenner
Hey Cup! I am 13 and I read your book it was wonderful...I like your sense of humor...and i guess it was true best things in life are unseen..oh yea u need to come out with another book...
Keith Snipes
Cupcake, I tried to find the right words to descriped your book to a friend. They finally came to me. I told her, 'She liquified her spirit and poured it all over my soul.' Thank you.
patricia moreland
you are an amazing person hope you write another book about your life as is now love ya
WOW!!!! I am at a lost for words. My bookclub choose your book, and I am so glad that we did. I was really encouraged by your story. I have been feeling as if my dreams and desires would not come true because of what has and has not happened and that I am almost 40 years old. Thank you for sharing. I pray for your determination and perserverance. bookclub is featured in Jan 2008 Essence along with your book. I am the chic on the right end. God Bless