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Sandra from Sydney
Read your book. Amazing! What a battle field your life was. Such an inspiration. You beautiful girl
Jasmine from Houston
Cupcake, I aboslutely love your book. I cried through alot of it haha being 17 I couldnt imagine going through what you went through. You are so beautiful and I am so glad you turned your life around. I have literally reccomended your book to everyone and they all love it as well. I have read your book 3 times now, you inspire me to stay away from trouble and to love myself. Thank you
Ebonee Oliver from Snellville
I don't know where to start. I read your book when it was released in 07. And I have purchased it multiple times. I was amazed by your struggle and willingness to overcome it all. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2010 and decided to write my story in 2013 in hopes that I can help someone with my journey. I commend you and thank you. Your journey helped me.
Diane wooller from Essex England
i found this book so inspiring and it gave me hope. My son is an alcoholic. I have given hi your book to read. God bless.
Samantha Turner from Gainesville
Hey Cup!! I don't even know where to start.. I laughed hysterically and I bawled my eyes out at times. Without going into things too much I just want to truly thank you. Your book helped me realize that although ive been sober a little over a year, I still need help. And thats okay. God bless you and I thank God you had such a beautiful ending with a way to help others as well.
Tracy Howard from BALTIMORE
Thanks for sharing your story it was so much like my own Tracy from Baltimore
Anita from Dix Hills, New York
Hi, I don't know what made me buy your book, but I am so glad I did. I could not put it down. Your story is so inspiring. You are truly an amazing woman. God ways are truly amazing. Good luck in everything you do in life. God Bless.
Hello, I have read your book about 5 times now and Id just like to let you know, your story is an amazing thing. This books alway floods me with hope and courage whenever I read it because reading about what you went through and how you survived and thrived because of it I really uplifting. Everytime I feel like I need a reminder of why life is good and that even when I feel the things I feel, others have it so much worse, I read your book and I am reminded of the horrors people go through. This book had helped me realize my profession and has brought me a closer relationship with God. Every since the first time I read this book I've never forgotten how moving it is and I will always keep reading it to remind myself of how precious life is and to never take for granted what you have. God bless, Katie
Shannon from Pittsburgh PA
I read your book quite a few years ago, so compelling. Sawit recently on Google Play, bought it again. This time around, I am in early recovery. (4months sober)tthe first time I read your book, addiction and recovery did not mean much to me. I was a pothead, but didn't see it as a problem. I raise 3 kids went to school got my bachelors and was movin on up. and then, I gradually began my descent into alcoholism. I fell pretty far too. your book first inspired me to go to college and try to fix my financial situation. upon rereading it under different circumstances, it now inspires me to stay sober. I too am working a strong recovery program... And this was a perfect book for me to pick up again. Thank you so much
Hey Cup!! I've just finished rereading your book! I've read it sooo many times that my copy is falling apart. I had to read sections at a time because almost all the pages have fallen out! Though I have never struggled with addiction, your book gave me a new understanding for those who have. God bless you and your journey. Much love xx
Karissa from Cobleskill, NY
Hey cuzzz!!!! I admire you soooo much!!! God Bless You, gangsta!!!!! Gangsta Ca-rip cuzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle from Topeka
Ms. Brown, I started to read your book and could not put it down. Your story pulled me in with such force. I know it was no mistake that I found your book. You see I have been trying to figure out a way to help children in need. I shared with my therapist your book which she has now ordered and she was able to do some research and found something that I could do to make a difference. I am going to start volunteering for CASA (children's adult special advocate). I am truly so inspired by your story. You are an amazing woman. I'm not sure if many others are like me, but I really want to contact Connie since I cannot contact her Mother who has passed. I know it would do no good, but she deserves to be told how evil she truly is even if she doesn't care. How can people be so cruel in this world???? She should face charges for killing your unborn baby. I just want to be able to help all those children who were like you. Our system is so messed up, but maybe if I can be the voice for one child I can make a difference. I guess baby steps. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a true inspiration.
Karen from Birmingham, England
Hi - I have just read your book - I found it impossible to put it down. I am so happy that you changed your life and made it what you wanted it to be. You truly are blessed
Sandy from Near Chicago
I'm currently reading your book. It is very raw and truthful. Gotta back to reading!! God bless you 😊
steve bicket from liverpool UK
Ive read many books along the same lioness yours & thought at first ..too many pages !!!! Ive just read the last page now, a truly remarkable story of courage,hurt,sorrow,truth,so glad you took the time to share it. I work with young people in inner cities schools everyday of my life, i tell my story of a mis spent youth leading to alcohol related crime int he hope it points them in a different direction. Your book should be read by every citizen of every city,I see the people spitting & laughing at the homeless people on the streets through a complete lack of understanding. Ive stopped many of them & said to them that I hope their life doesn't take a different direction one day,they look at me with distain... Our companys strap line is "Putting people first", thats normal to me, but to many others in our society today its about themselves & their greed,including the powers that rule us. Your story proves that their are good people out there,but not enough, people need to wise up & see that drug addiction & alcoholism are illnesses. Good luck with the rest of your journey Cup, you are an inspiration to everyone, living prove that there is always hope. God Bless Steve Liverpool UK
Heather S. from Pittsburgh
You're book is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to tell your story! It's one of my favorites, I've reread it at least 10 times! You're truly an inspiration.
Missy from Peoria
Cupcake, I just finished your book and WOW! What an incredibly hard life you made it through. I can't wait until my girls are a little bit older so that they can also read it. The irony of that is that they are both around the age that you were when your mama died and life threw you into the unimaginable. Thank you for writing this book with all of your truths in it!
Evelyn from Memphis
Cupcake, I just finished reading your book. It was on the suggested reading list for my addictions counseling class last semester. I truly enjoyed reading it and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, and for being a positive force in this world.
Cupcake, I read your book for my grade 12 English class and it gave me hope. Thank you. Your life is an inspiration and you are such a gift to the world. God Bless You.
Tracee B
Cupcake, I work in a juvenile correctional facility in Minnesota. One of my students told me about your book. I just want to Thank you for inspiring so many people! I am currently working on my Master's in Special Education (EBD) Emotional and Behavioral Disorder. I worked in adult jails for 14 years and my calling is to have a Girls group home to help these beautiful young ladies succeed beyond the juvenile system and attain great success in their lives. You have simply given ME strength to pursue my dream of helping these young ladies…I realized after reading your book…..anything is possible! Thank you again for sharing your life story, I am SO proud of you! May God Bless you always! Tracee B.