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Alexandra Ellis from Anchorage
Reading your book was like remembering a life time of suffering and forgiveness. I just wanted to say thank you. Two years ago, I was 17, broke off my ass, living in residential treatment waiting for the day that I went to jail. I was there for 9 months for the second time and they finally let me read your book. It broke my heart, yet I related to all your joys. As my grand-grand sponsor says, "you were my hook." Two years later and hopefully a life time, I hear your words walking down the street. I think of you often and how god did for you what you were unable to do for your-self. We, us, you, I are living miracles of the truth of this life, and that joy is just a pride leveling prayer away. Sending you love on your travels Cupcake, hoping you make it up to Alaska one day to share your experience, strength and hope.
Teri Pogue from Tacoma WA
I finished the audiobook version of "A Piece of Cake" while driving today. It took me two days flat, I couldn't turn it off. Crying in traffic, I knew I had to look you up and say thank you for sending out your story, for giving me yet another reason to be grateful for what I have been given, and for the God who provided them, and you, to my life.
Jordan from Birmingham
I have just finished reading your book for like the 5th time I just can't get enough you are a strong and brave lady and have changed your whole life around and after reading your book I am proud because I don't think if I was in the same situation I would have handled it like you did.. Good luck with everything you do and remember we are all beautiful xx
MiaSaige Sandoval from La Mirada
I absolutely loved your book so much. Thank for sharing your life story. And I just want you to know a lot of what you said stood out and touched me dearly. You are most deff a beautiful person inside and out to me. God Bless you
Laura from Kilmarnock
Thankyou for your story ....except it's not a story's your reality.......I laughed ,I cried and I was in awe ,in awe of your strength ,your determination,your relationship with have taught me so much by writing this book ...God bless you x
Kamisha from Rochester
Hello Cup, your story is so heart felt and touching. May God continue to Bless you😊
suzi mechanic from Hampstead
Dear Cup, I am about to finish your book, and I don't want it to ever end simply because it is the most extraordinary, the most heartrending, the most staggering story of loss and redemption I have ever read - and as an academic, I have read an awful lot. I am humbled, awed, and amazed but most of all grateful that you've shared your story with us. Thank you with so much love and respect for the miracle of your life.
Cathy McKay from Winford
Hi Cup, thank you for giving us the opportunity to read about the transformation of your life. The ups and downs, the candid, honest description of your pain that begun the spiral into hell and then the long drag back out. You are an inspirational woman. I would be happy with the strength and wisdom you have in your toenails. Much love and respect from me xx
Chanel from London
Simply your book is amazing and your even more amazing. Well done for all your achievements you deserve and worked for it.
Denise McCoy from Cleveland
Hey Cupcake, I received your book as a gift at Christmas and I just started reading it....Man, I can hardly put it down, all I can say is "God is Good" Continued Blessing to you.
Lori Norman from Laguna Beach
Dear Cup, Forgive me for calling you Cup as I don't know you personally but I feel as if I do as i have spent the last two days clinching the pages of your book.i just finished and was in tears. I finished reading it 30 minutes ago and I'm still crying. Just so overwhelmed with emotion and love for you. Especially that little 11 year old girl, I am especially showering her with so much love. I grew up in the streets of East L.A. Boyle Heights to be exact and although I'm 45 now and live a very different life girl, you brought back all kinds of memories. My name wasn't Lori Norman then, it's been a while since I thought of that time in my young life. Thank you, thank you for your courage, you are truly such an amazing force and I feel so humbled by your story. Your memoir has profoundly touched me and my heart feels expanded as a result of reading it. Many continued blessings to you and your soul family. Just thank you.
Crystal Lee from sacramento
My mom bought your book for me this past Christmas. She heard you speaking on t.v. or the radio not sure but she knows I love to read. A fellow student from SDSU as well and in recovery. Your book is on point. I salute you sister and cant wait for another book. I sit waiting patiently....Sincerely, Crystal Lee
Thank you for sharing your story with the public. I am an avid reader and discovered your book by accident. However, it is the greatest, most incredible memoir I've ever read. And I've read a lot. Wishing you only the best in all things possible.
Sandra Tineo from Newark Delaware
I just got your book and can't wait to read it. I will get back when I am done. Blessings.
Elizabeth Kleckner from Cleveland
WOW! Preacher was right - you were meant for greatness! Thank you for posting a picture, it's wonderful to see that sparkling smile! Gorgeous lady! I'm writing specifically because of something you wrote " We weren't related by blood, we were related by love". I was adopted at birth and my family says "blood may be thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood." I glad we came to the same conclusion. I may borrow your take on it. absolutely beautiful. thank you for being brave enough to write your story down and share it. Thank you.
Katrina Dean from Harrisburg OR
I see from your picture that you now sparkle!!! Lovely! I am a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Thank you for this book. You are a brave woman and you gave me tools to help my foster kids. Again, thank you!
Charlotte Johnson from Stone Mtn
Cupcake WOW - I just finished your book. I could not put your book down. It was one of the best books ever. I cried with you, laughed with you. I was crying so hard at your graduation I could barely see to read the remainder of the book. You are truly a blessing and an inspiration. Love you Charlotte
Rhian from UK from LOUGHTON
Wow, I am humbled by your story. What a life you lead and what an amazing end. I cried with you, laughed with you and could not put the book down. It was an amazing story and I am just so sorry that it was true. How you overcame the sadness is amazing . You truly are an inspiration to us all and will go on to inspire so many through your words and life. Thank you for sharing your story.
Sharon from U.K.
I simply wanted to say thank you for your honesty , your story and family have kept me captivated as I intensely read your book . You've shared some dark and enlightening moments in your life , your inspiring! Also Momma Chaney ... Aconymn for FEAR ... I be "cussing" that fear in my life right out of the door !!!! Thank you and Good Luck X
Yasmine Aljuwani from Charlotte
So glad to have finished your inspirational story on the first day of 2016. Awesome motivation for a prosperous year!