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Juanita Briscoe from Washington DC
Wow. God does a wonderful job with placing people, places, events, and books in your life. I stumbled across this book by no fault of my own. I was assisting a resident, at the time while working, who wanted to read a book, "any book", he claimed. I headed back on the elevator to my perspective unit 5 and looked for a book any book. There it was sitting on the top of my workstation's cubicle. "A Piece of Cake". I laughed and took the book saying to myself, "Well at least he'll, that is the resident, will learn how to make a cake. LOL. I took him the book and he laugh with me saying, "Ms. Briscoe, I know how to bake a cake". I responded, I don't so let me know if you learn any new recipes". The next day, I went to visit the resident just to check on the new recipe that he may have learned, he ran up to me an shouted "Ms. Briscoe, you have to read this book when I finish". I was surprised to see that he was half way through. Upon his completion of A Piece of Cake, it was pass back to me, so I began reading it and could not stop reading. I read fast, slow, fast, and slow again taking every thing in. I shed tears when no one saw me, I was mad as hell at the foster deal, I laughed, and I was very proud. I am so grateful to you for sharing your story. This book is truly a blessing and has entered my life during a really difficult and stressful time. I really think that God has a good sense of humor and orderly guidance. Thank you Cupcake Brown.
Jennifer C. from Pennsylvania
Something I have learned is that everything happens for a reason, and coming across your book was for a reason. Your book was given me while I was a patient in a drug and alcohol rehab just a short time ago. I could not read it while I was there because my mind was not in the right place, even after my completion of rehab I was still not ready, a month later my husband and I were going on our first cruise to celebrate our seven year anniversary, as well as taking the honeymoon we never had, and taking time for ourselves to get away and work on us. As I mentioned I mentioned I went to a rehab on April 18th 2016, this was the first time in 16 years I admitted to anyone I was an addict and actually sought out help. This was my rock bottom and the lowest I have been or ever want to experience. Although I can not relate to some of the horrific things you have endured in your life, I can relate to your struggle with addiction and how addiction empacted your life. Thank you for sharing your story the highs the lows, the trials and tribulations, the good the bad and the ugly. The reality is life especially in recovery is not sunshine, rainbows, butterflies, or delicious sprinkled cupcakes. 🙂 Sometimes life is a struggle however in the end we can and we will survive. God Bless You!
Tara Moore from Eugene, Oregon
I enjoyed this story because of the strong voice in the narrative. I was inspired by it because her story showed that kindness and honest can save a life. Be warned, this book is brutally descriptive.
Kathy K. from Greenbelt, Maryland
Thank you, Cupcake for sharing your story in "A Piece of Cake". I have been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 31 years and your story has inspired me to see in a whole new way that God is real and, if you really trust God, let go of such tight control and really work your program, miracles can happen!! All the best to you!!
Kerry from Somerset
I'll be honest, I knew nothing about your book & picked it up by chance, it has been the single most important read of my life. I'm at the start, I mean right at the start, of my own change & it's given me the courage & belief that everything will be ok. Thank you for your honesty & humour making the difficult topic of addiction approachable xx
Stacey from Leeds, England
This book is one of my all time favourites, no matter how many times i read it, it can never get boring. Thank you for sharing your story with us, I have never gone through so many emotions in one book. You are a true inspiration.
Elizabeth from Dublin
Dear cupcake thank you so much for sharing your life with us I cried I laughed I cheered when I read it you deserve all the love and happiness in this world that god gives you now bless you .
Scarlett Turner from st austell, Cornwall
Hi, I have just finished reading your book again. I have read it numerous times over the years. It is truly inspirational. I myself suffered abuse of all kinds in my childhood. Met a fabulous man in my teens who spent years making me whole. Life truly is what you make it. Your perseverance and strength are something to behold! I have a blessed life. After raising our 4 children I am now going through the fostering process. Hopefully I can provide a place of safety and security for others. You are truly awesome!
Crystal from Houston
I cannot begin to express how your story has not only touched my life, empowered my life, challenged my life, but changed my life. Because of you I know that no matter what... if you want it... there IS a brighter day. We have so so many similarities its unreal. I thought about writting a book before, but I was skeptical of the incriminating information that my life held, I know now that I can share my embarrassments, challenges, hopelessness, and overcoming all the same. Tears flowing. Thank God for grace and mercy. And RELIEF. Bless you for blessing others. HopefullY I can meet with you soon, maybe you can be my V. 🙂
alexis gaiter from SIMI VALLEY
i love this book and fyi im 15 she is amazing
Coty M from Dallas
I just finished your book about 10 minutes ago, so I'm writing with fresh tears in my eyes. While our lives were led down two totally different paths, I feel we have the same fighting spirit inside. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your bravery for sharing such a personal journey with the world. I feel that your book has given me a new sense of understanding and sympathy for the people who are not given the chance to have an easy childhood (or a childhood at all). I taught children who came from broken places, and I saw many of their tiny faces while reading you're story. Heartbreaking. They don't have a voice yet, but you give me hope that one day they might. Everything that you set out to achieve is nothing short of amazing. What's more amazing is that you achieved it and then some! I hope one day Connie realizes how egregious her mistakes are and how profoundly they effected those around her. In the mean time, she can suck it. Thank you, Cupcake, for your incredible humor, honesty, candidness, dedication, insight, and heart. I feel like I have enriched my life by reading your story, and I know I stand along thousands of others when I say that.
Alexandra Ellis from Anchorage
Reading your book was like remembering a life time of suffering and forgiveness. I just wanted to say thank you. Two years ago, I was 17, broke off my ass, living in residential treatment waiting for the day that I went to jail. I was there for 9 months for the second time and they finally let me read your book. It broke my heart, yet I related to all your joys. As my grand-grand sponsor says, "you were my hook." Two years later and hopefully a life time, I hear your words walking down the street. I think of you often and how god did for you what you were unable to do for your-self. We, us, you, I are living miracles of the truth of this life, and that joy is just a pride leveling prayer away. Sending you love on your travels Cupcake, hoping you make it up to Alaska one day to share your experience, strength and hope.
Teri Pogue from Tacoma WA
I finished the audiobook version of "A Piece of Cake" while driving today. It took me two days flat, I couldn't turn it off. Crying in traffic, I knew I had to look you up and say thank you for sending out your story, for giving me yet another reason to be grateful for what I have been given, and for the God who provided them, and you, to my life.
Jordan from Birmingham
I have just finished reading your book for like the 5th time I just can't get enough you are a strong and brave lady and have changed your whole life around and after reading your book I am proud because I don't think if I was in the same situation I would have handled it like you did.. Good luck with everything you do and remember we are all beautiful xx
MiaSaige Sandoval from La Mirada
I absolutely loved your book so much. Thank for sharing your life story. And I just want you to know a lot of what you said stood out and touched me dearly. You are most deff a beautiful person inside and out to me. God Bless you
Laura from Kilmarnock
Thankyou for your story ....except it's not a story's your reality.......I laughed ,I cried and I was in awe ,in awe of your strength ,your determination,your relationship with have taught me so much by writing this book ...God bless you x
Kamisha from Rochester
Hello Cup, your story is so heart felt and touching. May God continue to Bless you😊
suzi mechanic from Hampstead
Dear Cup, I am about to finish your book, and I don't want it to ever end simply because it is the most extraordinary, the most heartrending, the most staggering story of loss and redemption I have ever read - and as an academic, I have read an awful lot. I am humbled, awed, and amazed but most of all grateful that you've shared your story with us. Thank you with so much love and respect for the miracle of your life.
Cathy McKay from Winford
Hi Cup, thank you for giving us the opportunity to read about the transformation of your life. The ups and downs, the candid, honest description of your pain that begun the spiral into hell and then the long drag back out. You are an inspirational woman. I would be happy with the strength and wisdom you have in your toenails. Much love and respect from me xx