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Alexandra from Gaithersburg, MD
I too am a recovering addict and you are truly a inspiration 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story. You are beautiful, God Bless you Cup!
Taylor Perdue from Davenport
Hello cupcake! I have just finished your book and I loved it. I wasn't looking for your book but the cover really caught my eye so I decided to grab it and I'm glad I did. I feel like your book should be something that every recovering addict should read. It's very inspiring and beautiful (although painful at times, too). Thank you for writing your story and adding an amazing new book to my bookcase.
Maura Cherry from Mobile AL
Hi Ms Brown my name is Maura Cherry I was also put into foster care but it was because I was on an abusive house hold you have inspired me to write a book about my life I kind of got the idea of my book cover and name from yours you have inspired me I received your book as a gift on my 18th birthday I am currently still in foster care and I'm nineteen I did not keep the copy of you book I received I have it to a fellow peer would love to get to meet you one day
Linda from Pasadena
Dear Ms. Brown, My sister and I work together, sit side by side, each with our own headphones listening to audiobooks. We just finished your book and enjoyed it very much. Together we would laugh out loud, and weep for little Cupcake. Our co workers were so intrigued by our reactions, several are now reading your book. Congratulations in all you've accomplished! Sincerely, Linda Ponce and JoBea Berumen
Sarah from San Diego
Dear Cupcake, Your story has helped me get through some tough days. Knowing you've made it through has helped me believe I can too. I too am in recovery, detoxed at Mesa Vista, lived in Lemon Grove, go to City College, and want to go to law school. You're a blessing and I'm so grateful to have read your story.
Amber Shearsby from London, England
Wow! I've just finished reading your book for the 5th time since receiving it as a gift a couple of years ago. Each time I read it, I understand more, I notice things I never the time before and it touches my heart just like the first time. I keep pushing the book into the hands of others, urging them to read it even if it's the only book they ever read! You are proof that no matter where you come from or what you've been through, that with hard work, patience and the love of others you can get to where you want and deserve to be. Your story has truly touched my heart. I don't know you, but I am so proud of you and what you have achieved. You are beautiful inside and out cupcake. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness for the rest of your life. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better version of the person I was yesterday.
Annette Thompson from columbia
I want to say God bless you!! Your book is a testimony to never give up. I couldn't put the book down, I truly enjoyed it and will pass it on to my daughter to read, to show never give up during rough times and always surround yourself with a good support system and of course God first.
Jasmine Cain from Sittingbourne, Kent, UK
Hello beautiful, I just wanted to say I have just Finnished your book, it has lived in my handbag for last week, it's rather battered but is one of the best books I have read in a long time!! You truly are a legend. Keep going stong darling. Jas xx
Suzanne Dixon from plymouth uk
Hello Cupcake.I, m just in the middle of reading your book a piece of cake. After finding this book in my place of work I read the back and immediately removed it from the dining room at work.I thought this story would be so sad and dont get me wrong what you went through was horrendous, but the way you wrote the factual story was also very funny. I will be passing this book to all my friends cant wait to finish it. Xx
Bella Jackson from Canberra, Australia
Hi Cupcake, just wanted to write and let you know that I read your book 10 years ago at the age of 19. Your unforgettable story had a monumental effect on my life, and I tell everyone I know about your story. To this day, I still think of your courageous, unbelievable and life-changing tale of strength, metamorphisis and bravery. You have been an inspiration in my life and have travelled with me for the last 10 years. I just want to thank you. For loving with me, as part of me and a guiding light for all that is possible - even in the darkest circumstances. Your story changed my life. Thank you and much love. Xxxx
Jovonne Williams from Laurel
I just finished reading you boom as part of a book club. Thank you for your candid honesty and for sharing you story of chasing after you goals and not letting anything stop you. You are truly an inspiration. God is soon good. May you continue to be blessed and may you continue to bless the lives of others. Keep being your beautiful and loving you! Come to DC for a seminar and book tour!
julie dambrosio from san jose, CA
I just finished reading your book. I still have chills, your story is nothing short of AMAZING!!! You are an inspiration to us all. God bless your strength and perseverance!!! Thank you for sharing it with the world. xoxo
Laurie from Cobalt, canada
I read your book and loved it. You are an inspiration, and beautiful to boot! I sit here at my lake and pray your strength meets all that need it!
Glenda from Edmonton
Just finished your life story and truly appreciate the sharing. It has so many good quotes to live by I think my favorite is "practice makes perfect, so be careful what you practice". Thanks again.
Linda Graham from Oxford England
I've just read 'A piece of Cake' which I found incredibly captivating as it is written so well. During the harrowing story of your life, I kept hoping you'd see just how clever and intelligent you were. I found myself praying you'd find help and of course you did. Many blessings to you
Linda Graham from Oxford England
I've just read 'A piece of Cake' which I found incredibly captivating as it is written so well. During the harrowing story of your life, I kept hoping you'd see just how clever and intelligent you were. I found myself praying you'd find help and of course you did. Many blessings to you and how honest and inspiring your book is.
Natasha Lindsay from London, United Kingdom
My name is Natasha and i have just completed my read of the book 'A Piece of Cake'. I must state the book is fantastic and i feel grateful and privileged to have read it. Thank you Cupcake Brown for allowing me to follow your journey through life, embracing the bad and most of all the good. Your journey through life has inspired me to continue through my own struggles as their is light at the end of the tunnel. You reminded me to put my trust in God as he has continually lead me through life even through the times i felt otherwise. I am very happy, impressed, proud and astounded at how Cupcake Brown has turned her life around for the better. I hope this book helps others (especially other women) as it has helped me. I pray you are continually blessed Thank you x
Michelle from Lancaster, ca
I am originally from low angeles ca. I was moved to Lancaster when I was 14. I suffered a abusive and traumatic background, nothing like you. As I grew up and watched everyone around me fall into drugs,alcohol, pregnancy, overdose, suicide, murder suicide and then some, I learned young that I was not going to end up like anyone of them. I had distance myself from so called family and barely had friends if any at all because I trusted no one. I grew up went to school graduated got married and had 2 children. I had my own struggles with eating disorders and depression. But luckily that was it. I've never done a drug, I barely drink and I maintain a healthy stable life style. I am now living another state, a decision I made to distance myself. I just finished your book and I laughed and cried. I want to hug you and say thank you. You are the example of rising above. Just like me. It can be done. Your past will not define who you are. You go girl. Much love cup. May you be at peace in your new life.
Malcolm White from Stranraer
Fantastic read. So proud of you. Love your honesty. Much love from scotland
Judi from Orange County
I am so sorry you were not well taken care of by the child welfare system. It is in fathomable. As a pediatric nurse practitioner who works with children and families I find it horrifying what you and other children endured. By your hard work, resilience and faith, you have overcome such incredible obstacles. I am so amazed by your story,. You are an inspiration. May you continue to live with health and peace.