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Patty Johnson from Cassville, Mo.
I am 55 years old and a book-a-holic! I loved this book so much! It is proof of what a wonderful God we serve. Anyone can do anything with God on their side. Thank you for sharing your lifes story. I was very touched. You are indeed a strong, amazing lady. God bless you.
AlteredByChrist from Pittsburgh PA
Cupcake, My Name is April. Right now I am in a 1/2 way house in Pittsburgh, PA where I moved 6 yrs ago to pursue what I thought was going to be the Love of My Life.... Little did I know Moving over 2,000 miles away from the my Home town in the West Coast to here would be the start of the most Abusive Torturous and Heart Breaking time of my entire life. From Domestic Abuse, to Criminal charges, stints behind bars, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, A few visits to Psych Wards, Women Shelters & Rehabs and the Final Decision to Surrender My Life and Will over to the Care of God as I Understood Him; I was finally able to get off the streets, clean and sober and start living with Integrity as the Woman of God I was created to Be. I found out about your book in a Rehab I was in and could Never get your name out of my head. Once I was able to go to the local library I ordered it to be reserved. It is one of the most amazing and remarkable books I have ever read thus far. I would actually have to say it has become my All time favorite book. I would really love a personal copy for my own collection being that I have to return this one to the library. But being that I am not working yet I may have to wait until I am back on my own 2 feet to purchase it . I just want to say Thank You soooo much for sharing your Experience, Strength and Hope with me and many others. Keep me in your prayers. I will Always treasure you!! You're in my prayers too!
Nona from NYC
Sooooooo.... Your book is one of many chosen for my summer reading. I am not quite finished (on page 349) and I have to say I've had to put the book down several times to really process what I was reading. I appreciate your vivid depiction of your past life because it actually gives people hope that there is a pot of gold at the end of everyone's rainbow. Everyone has come from some kind of adversity. As I read your book I often feel like I'm watching all of these things happen like a fly on the wall. And now as I read about you going to rehab, I can exhale because I questioned what else is there for you to endure. It's wonderful to know that through all of this, YOU MADE IT! Thank you for sharing for story, your journey, and your triumph.
Christina from NYC
Mrs Brown, I have just finished reading your book, and to be quite honest, I haven't experienced emotions while reading like that in a very, very long time. I live & work in NYC as a nurse, and encounter all walks of life, your book has truly made me feel even more dedicated to my patients and profession then ever before. To read your story, and feel those emotions, it made me want to reach out to you, and give you a huge hug. For both the young Cupcake, and you now. It is truly disgusting how our world works, and the system in the great US of A. No child should have to go through struggles as you have, or even feel unloved. Nevertheless, I am so overjoyed to know that despite everything that went on in your life, you blossomed into a beautiful, successful woman. And most importantly, CLEAN. God is GOOD my friend - and I wish you many, many, many more years of health, love and happiness. Thank you for sharing your story with the world! May God Bless You Always! Xox. Christina
Darlene from Sacramento
Hi Cupcake, Just finished reading your book. It was a great read. I heard an interview you did on a radio station I listen to and you mentioned the book. I read it immediately. What an eye opener; your strength to persevere is inspirational. You give hope to people. You gave hope to me. Thank you.
Heather from Delaware
hi! i just loved your book! i really cannot find the words to say how much it touched me... i couldn't put it down & know it will sit with me forever. thank you so very much for sharing your story! i hope you are doing well!
Kimberly Nelson from Warner Robins
Hello! I came across your memoir when looking for interesting books to add to my classroom library for my students. I am so inspired by your story, and after one student read the book and returned it, she quickly spread the word about how amazing your story was. I couldn't keep the book on the shelf. Thank you for sharing! I teach so many kids who are going through many of the things you experienced, and it is important for them to see someone who has taken the power back in their life. You are an inspiration to all! Thanks again!
Morgan Everitt from Brooklyn
Hi Cupcake! I picked your book up at random and am so glad I did. I've been completely absorbed by it for weeks (I'm a slow reader). You're amazing and I am so grateful that you were able to be so open and share your past with us. It gave me such an amazing look into a world I don't know at all and that's really the most amazing thing an artist and a human being can do. THANK YOU.
Aafreen Khatib from Mumbai
Hi Cupcake! Cupcake is such a sweet and cute name! I came across your book in the library while going through a section of self development books. For me, no book has been this intriguing in a long, long time. I just couldn't put it down. It is so inspirational! I have already recommended the book to people. The moment I finished the book, I googled your name and found your website. May God bless all those people who helped you turn around your life, and may God bless you for your courage and may God help all those who undergo similar struggles and pain. Much love and appreciation from India!
Kids From The Missoula County Detention Center from Missoula
I Cup I would like to give you praise you are awesome and i love your book as well as the rest of us at the Juvenile Detention Center we have all read your book and love it. some of us have put you on are bucket list. well your an awesome person.
Debra Dilallo from Ovid
Hi Cupcake. Just finished your book. Work part-time at a Funeral Home and we are always asking questions of the Pastor or Priest trying to revitalize our faith in God especially after a funeral for a heroin addict (and then watching his 7 year old son curl into a ball after viewing his Dad lying a casket, when only a week ago he shows us the picture at the memorial of him fishing with his Dad.) I admit being a "give me a Marcia Brady story person" as I had to jump to the end to assure myself you did believe God came to your aide. I learned things about my own prejudices which your book got be to work on. Glad I slowed down and went back and read every word. Skipping parts only shows it is easier to keep your head in the sand than feel pain. You are an inspiration.. Will make your book a part of my Nutrition class at Dick Vandyke Substance Abuse Treatment Center. God Bless.
Catherine from Darwin, Australia
Dear Cupcake, I have today finished reading your book after a colleague left it in the tearoom at work to be passed on. I am so thankful that they did that, it is truly the most astounding story I have ever read. I lost my mum when I was 15, that was 33 years ago and today would have been her 80th birthday. I am thankful that I never had to go through anything like you did, I still miss my mum every day though, as I'm sure you do too. Best wishes to you.
Simone Louise from London (UK)
Wow! I'm soo in awe of you! You went through soo much but came out fighting so strong and now stand as a shining example of what walking in faith can do! We all know we are not in charge of our pasts and sometimes we are out through tasks we do not understand... but when you make it out the other side the glory is so worth it! You are amazing Ms Brown and I admire and love you! Thank you for standing strong in your truth
Joni from Ontario, Oregon
Good afternoon, I've read your book and your story of recovery. What a wonderful testimony of experience, strength and hope. I am a clinician at a small Nonprofit Organization for those seeking recovery. Your story sounds like so many, but so many don't get to the part where you talk of recovery. I want them to hear your story. What would it take for you to come be a speaker in Ontario, Oregon.
Becky from Norfork. UK
Dear Cup, Have read many stories of people who have suffered abuse etc, but your story was one of the most inspirational without a doubt. So glad you turned to God and that through him, and your own efforts, you found peace and happiness. Blessings to you.
Krystal M from London
Wow, Literally just finished reading this book and I am honestly warmed by it. Reading this book stirred so much emotions in me, I am more than thankful for coming across it. I am humbled by your perseverance, strength and courage through the book, it has touched me in a way I would have never imagined, especially, your love for God and certainty to complete what you begun, it has sparked a fire in me to properly amend my relationship with Christ and really put 1000% into my studies. I want to congratulate you also on your accomplishments, you truly are a remarkable women and an exceptional role-model. The book made me cry, smile and laugh, only God can give such struggles to a woman and KNOW that she'll come out having won and attained much much more than she ever thought. You have really blessed me through your words in your book and I know that I am one in many, but I really want you to know that this book was a blessing honestly. I want to end this by saying a sincere thank you for sharing your story with the world. I pray the Lord continues to bless you abundantly, may you never lack in any area of your life.
Lillian from Dublin Ireland
Hi I read your book and it was amazing thanking you for sharing it with us........ Just wondering will there be a film made of it any time soon xx
Yamil from Dallas
Cup, you are an extraordinary woman who blessed me immensely. Although, I can't familiarize myself with what you went through. As a young woman searching for herself, your memoir proves over and over again that God has a purpose for each of our lives and all we have to do is have faith. Thank you for having the courage to show your authentic self and share it with the world!! You remind me of one of my favorite verses, he makes beauty out of ashes-Isaiah 61:3. God bless you and I hope to see more books from you in the future!
Tomisha Childress from Macon, Ga.
Hey Cupcake. I read your book at a very dark time in my life. I can honestly say it gave me hope and inspired me. I recommend it to all my fellow readers. It is definitely a page turner. Thanks for sharing your story and showing me that anything is possible. GOD bless Queen.
Anessa Mitcell from Utica
Hi Cupcake, I'm still reading your book.In the beginning of reading I had a difficult time embracing the sexual abuse encounters . I definitely could identify ,as I read I began feeling sorrowful for myself. Then reading more I began to recognize the inner strength of a wounded girl that became the hero in her life !!!!!!! Thank You for sharing such a story filled with guilt and shame it has help me empower the past!!!!!!!